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Meet The Team

Perfect Stitch Upholstery is full of diverse individuals that come from all sorts of different walks of life. Each employee plays a very important part in the culture of our workplace here at Perfect Stitch, and we would like to share these individuals with you.

Andrew Saverchenko (Owner & Upholstery Technician)

Andrew profile

Andrew entered the upholstery field in 2006 after he had a life changing conversation with his Uncle Leo. Through this conversation, Uncle Leo revealed that he was thinking of retiring and shutting down his upholstery shop, Perfect Stitch Upholstery. With this news in the back of his mind, Andrew continued to work as a  journeyman boilermaker while traveling across the United States. After traveling for a while, Andrew was beginning to feel that this was not where the entrepreneur in his heart wanted to be. He wanted to reside more locally & closer to family, making him really consider the possibility that Perfect Stitch Upholstery could be a great opportunity for him to take over from Uncle Leo, stay in town, and develop it in an industry that was dying in the area. 

Two years into working as Perfect Stitch out of his garage in Kelso, he had gained a lot of information and insight about this line of work throughout his daily interactions within the industry. Andrew realized that there was a big gap when it came to customer service and quality being produced in the custom upholstery industry in the Southwest Washington area. From then on, Andrew set out to operate with a goal to have the industry’s best customer service and to produce products and services with the highest level of quality and consistency in the area. Andrew has continued to strive to obtain this quality standard for the last 14 years, which can be seen by all that come into our shop.

Whenever he’s not working to develop and expand Perfect Stitch, he spends his free time working on old vehicles. Andrew has been working to restore his 1972 Scout for about five years now. More recently, he got married to his wonderful wife Elizabeth. So that has consumed the last two years of his life. He is also excited to welcome an addition to his family, a rambunctious little baby boy coming in January! He enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors whenever his wife allows him to… he can’t seem to go many places without her these days… Wherever he goes she is bound to follow! During the summer months if you can’t find Andrew working in the shop, you can find him taking long romantic walks on the beach with his kites or racing around in the sand on his sandrail. 


Brooke Strong (Online Sales, Inventory Systems, & Organizational Help)

Brooke profile

Brooke joined the Perfect Stitch Upholstery team in September 2020, when Andrew needed some extra helping hands to finish up a large Hotel Upholstery Project. After a week of 12 hour days this job had finished and the furniture was on its way to Hawaii. Brooke wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye, so she offered her free time from attending Western Washington University to remain a part of the team to help create some organizational systems within the company. 

As Andrew’s ideas for the progression of the company grew, the need for Brooke’s skills continued to grow, moving her role at Perfect Stitch to the next level. After graduating from WWU, Brooke had more time to spend at PSU and focus on exploring these new ideas of Andrews. Brooke now works to manage online upholstery sales, manage social media accounts, and assist Andrew in his various business endeavors. 

When Brooke isn’t amidst the craziness at Perfect Stitch, she enjoys spending her time getting in touch with her creative side. Brooke loves to read all sorts of different genres of books, but her most recent go-to book series is the Harry Potter Collection. She will also sometimes pick up a paintbrush, a drawing pencil, or some thread and an embroidery hoop to meet her artistic needs. Baking is also a hobby that Brooke loves to dive into, and she is pretty good at, just ask the guys out in the shop!

Petar Aklanov (Upholstery Technician)

Petar profile

Petar is one of our upholstery technicians here at Perfect Stitch Upholstery. He has been a part of the Perfect Stitch crew for about eight years now, and has worked on a wide range of unique upholstery projects. Petar is our go-to guy for any recreational vehicle projects and has been a very important part of our operations here at Perfect Stitch. 

Petar has assisted Andrew and the other upholstery techs many times on large contract & commercial projects throughout the country. He has most recently spent a month in Hawaii working on a current project that we have with Hilton hotels. His hard work and positive outlook really shines through everyday and on all projects that he is a part of creating. 

When Petar isn’t in the shop working, he enjoys using his free time and weekends to spend quality time with his friends and family. Petar has also mastered the art of making traditional bulgarian sausages and rakia, which is a traditional Bulgarian fruit brandy.