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About Us

Perfect Stitch Upholstery (PSU) is a growing organization with a determined work ethic and an ambition to be recognized as one of the top performing upholstery shops in Southwest Washington. Perfect Stitch was established in 2001 by Leo Pisarchuk and held a reputation with a high regard to detail and quality. Andrew Saverchenko joined the business and took over operation as owner in 2006.

With over 52 years of combined experience in the upholstery and furniture restoration industry, our upholstery technicians draw on a wide berth of experience in directing PSU’s approach to all projects. Quality work and exceptional service have been trademarks of Andrew’s work through the years and have become the mantra of Perfect Stitch Upholstery’s operations. Andrew continues to lead PSU with an unrelenting work ethic and a strong demand to meet all clients’ needs.

Machine stitching

Our Mission

Our Mission as a company is to provide for our customers with the highest possible quality of upholstery services at the greatest value to the client. We take on all projects and interactions with the intent to establish and nurture long-term relationships with our clientele through exceptional performance, reliable customer service, and a commitment to integrity and loyalty. We will strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and quality to become a distinguished name in upholstery services.

Our Commitment To Perfection

PSU’s work to date has been stamped by quality performance on every project and has a great record for on time project completion. Over the years, PSU has built up an impressive resume of successful projects of all varieties, including custom antique builds, residential furniture upholstery, design and construction of restaurant interiors, commercial soft good repairs, and government contracting. Our goal is to continue to uphold this reputation and provide quality service to all we work with.