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Upgrade Your Healthcare Upholstery Instead of Buying New Furniture

The need for durable, fluid-proof, and bleach-cleanable healthcare furniture is nothing new. However, many of the previous options in healthcare upholstery fabrics aren’t holding up well with COVID-cleaning protocols. Instead of investing in new furniture, consider having your current furniture reupholstered.

What Are Medical-Grade Fabrics?

Waiting room furniture and exam tables are being disinfected between patients instead of just once or twice a day. Fabrics that were previously durable long-term are degrading rapidly due to the new generation of bleach and alcohol-based disinfectants. While vinyl and vinyl-coated fabrics remain the industry standard, the options are elevated.

The new expectation for medical-grade fabrics is as follows:

  • Antibacterial & antimicrobial
  • Bleach & alcohol-cleanable
  • Fluid-proof
  • Fire-resistant
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Ink & stain resistant
  • Durable


What Makes Healthcare Upholstery Fabrics Antimicrobial?

Medical-grade vinyl can be chemically treated to minimize the growth of general bacteria, disease-causing microbes, and infectious diseases. Cleaning is still required, but you ensure compliance, minimize risk, and improve patient peace of mind with antimicrobial upholstery.

Why Should I Have My Medical Furniture Reupholstered?

You invested handsomely in your waiting room, lobby, and exam room furniture. If it’s no longer hygiene-compliant or in good condition, minimize your expenses by having it reupholstered. Upgrade damaged upholstery or upgrade all of your furniture to an antimicrobial fabric that is also bleach and alcohol-cleanable.

To minimize disruption, Perfect Stitch can reupholster lobby furniture in phases. For example, half now and half once the first half is delivered. We also provide overnight service for exam room tables.

When Should I Have My Medical Furniture Reupholstered?

You can have your upholstery upgraded anytime it begins to wear or look anything less than its best. At the moment, improved hygiene and sanitation are the top reason to reupholster.

Additional reasons include:

  • The seams are beginning to spread
  • There is a visible puncture or hole
  • The fabric is thinning or wearing
  • There is staining from spills
  • There is discoloration from cleaning solutions
  • The foam is wearing down
  • Your current furniture isn’t antimicrobial


Will My New Medical Furniture Be Comfortable?

Yes! The reason you chose upholstered furniture in the first place was to ensure patient comfort. Going to the doctor’s office, hospital, or dentist can be stressful so having a comfortable waiting room is essential. In addition to upgrading your upholstery, we will replace damaged foam or cushions.

Will My New Medical Furniture Match My Interior Design?

Not to worry, as reupholstering your medical furniture won’t disrupt the calming atmosphere you’ve created. In fact, you may be able to further enhance your interior design with our large range of fabrics. We keep 10 to 15 versatile healthcare upholstery fabrics in stock. If you aren’t in a rush, we can custom order countless colors, patterns, and prints.

Ready To Reupholster Your Healthcare Furniture?

Perfect Stitch Upholstery is located in Longview, Washington. We stock premium and medical-grade fabrics and pick up and deliver your furniture with rapid turnaround. Reach out today to discuss upgrading to the newest generation of healthcare textiles!