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Love Your Boat But Not Your Marine Upholstery?

Do you love everything about your boat except for the upholstery? Or is your upholstery starting to wear? Not to worry as it is fast and easy to upgrade your boat with new marine upholstery. While you’re at it, consider a stylized look.

What Is Marine Upholstery?

Whether it’s cushions for your bench seats, the Captain’s chair, or passenger seating marine textiles are made from waterproof marine vinyl fabric. It can look a bit like leather, but it can withstand getting wet as you venture out on both fresh and seawater. It also holds up in humidity, which we don’t get a lot of in the PNW, but you may encounter on your longer trips. And yes, it can withstand rain while you sail or while your boat is docked.

What Is The Difference Between Vinyl Upholstery And Marine Upholstery Vinyl?

They look the same, but marine vinyl has been chemically treated to ensure that it is more than just waterproof—but also mildew resistant. Yes, you must still clean and sanitize your seats to keep them looking their best, but you won’t have to worry about mildew. Marine vinyl is also treated with UV protection so that it won’t fade in the sunlight.

How To Fix Cracked Marine Vinyl Upholstery?

Your best short-term solution is good old duct tape. It will protect your interior cushions from getting wet while you’re on the water so that you can perform a permanent repair once you dock.

For a permanent solution you can:

  • Use a vinyl patch kit, which won’t be the exact same color.
  • Have the stitching professionally repaired if the damage is along the seam.
  • Have your seat or cushion professionally reupholstered with new vinyl.


My Boat’s Upholstery Isn’t Damaged, Why Have It Reupholstered?

There’s certainly no need to wait for damage to have your boat reupholstered. If you would like to upgrade the cushions, change the vinyl color, or stylize your seating Perfect Stitch is here to help.

Your options include:

  • Making your Captain’s chair more comfortable.
  • Adding a fun pop of color or use multi-colors.
  • Add a border, color blocks, stripes, or waves.
  • Embroider names on the seating.
  • Add leather-inspired detailing such as tufts.
  • And more!


What Is The Best Marine Upholstery Fabric For My Boat’s Interior?

Your exterior cushions and seating must be made from a waterproof, mildew resistant, and UV-protected marine vinyl fabric. However, you have many more options when it comes to the cabin and rooms in larger boats. You’ll still need to stick with a durable and mildew-resistant commercial-grade fabric—but you’ll easily be able to stylize your furniture. Choose from commercial-grade fabrics that look like everything from natural fibers to velvet, leather, and more.

Want To Learn More?

Perfect Stitch is available for all of your upholstery needs! We have a large selection of marine fabrics and will ensure your boat is stylized, comfortable, and functional. Get your FREE quote today!