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5 Reasons to Consider Custom Upholstery

Don’t think custom upholstery is right for you? Think again! By having your furniture reupholstered or custom-built you can create a home, space, or place of business that is comfortable, functional, and stylized. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider working with Perfect Stitch.

Antique Furniture, Custom Upholstery, Custom Chairs

#1 More Options

You aren’t alone if you can’t find what you are looking for in local furniture showrooms or commercial catalogs. Whether you want to have an entire living room set complete or are looking for the perfect piece to finish a room, consider having your furniture custom designed. By more options, we mean endless options in:

  • Upholstery fabrics, colors, patterns, and prints
  • Designs to match your personal or professional style
  • Sizes, shapes, and creative details
  • An impressive range of commercial textiles
  • And more!


#2 Restore What You Love

Whether it’s a headboard, vintage couch, or your boat seats—there’s no reason to let it go when it begins to wear. Bring the pieces you love back to life by replacing the cushions, restoring damaged wood, reupholstering, reshaping, and more. If you have a photo of a piece that you’ve already let go of, we can recreate it for you as a custom design.

#3 Customize Your Design

We can show you countless options in our design portfolio, but we can also custom design a piece of furniture for you. This could be pieces to match your branded aesthetic, a piece or two to finish your living room, or an entire custom-designed space.

This might include:

  • A stylized shape or design to match your custom interior.
  • An 8-seat couch to fill your oversized open floor plan.
  • A colorful range of durable chairs for your children’s activity center.
  • Space-saving but functional seating for your small space.
  • Recreating a vintage piece that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Stylized leather detailing for your vehicle interior.
  • And more!


#4 Upgrade Your Options

You should never feel limited when selecting new furniture, either in the design or the upholstery. If you can’t find what you are looking for, customization is the way to go.

  • Did you find a piece of furniture that you love, but it isn’t durable enough for your restaurant? Have a custom replica made in a more durable design and commercial upholstery.
  • Do you love your dining room table, but don’t love the chairs? Have them redesigned or reupholstered.
  • Is your healthcare furniture beginning to fade or wear due to using bleach and alcohol-based cleaners? Have the upholstery upgraded.
  • Don’t love the upholstery in your car or boat? We can upgrade it to a commercial-grade and stylized alternative.


#5 To Save Money

Saving money may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of custom upholstery, but restoring an existing piece is often less than investing in new furniture. Even if you want something entirely new, it may be less expensive to have a custom design made to your liking. This is especially true if you prefer a lux look (either classic or modern) but don’t want the designer price tag.

Ready To Learn More?

Purchasing furniture is an investment that will last for years to come. Our job at Perfect Stitch is to ensure that we create the warm, comfortable, and stylized look you are searching for. If you live in the Longview area, we invite you to reach out today for a FREE quote to discuss your options!

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