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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Automotive Upholstery

You want to ride in comfort and style, so it may be time to reupholster your car or upgrade your automotive upholstery fabric. Here are the top 4 reasons Perfect Stitch customers reach out to us for upholstery services.

#1 Damage

Let’s begin with the most obvious, any type of damage. A rip, tear, broken seam, bubbling, stains, or foam that has become thin or uncomfortable. Odor is also a common reason. Maybe you purchased a used vehicle from a smoker or need to replace a seat or cushion that has a musty smell.

Wondering what types of automotive fabrics we use? This is entirely up to you! Most vehicles seats come standard with commercial-grade nylon, polyester, vinyl, or leather. If you are only replacing one seat, we will use the same type of fabric that you currently have and get as close to a color and texture match as possible. We can even order OEM fabrics to ensure a perfect match.

#2 Vintage Vehicle Refurbishments

You worked tirelessly refurbishing your classic car, now it’s time to upgrade the upholstery. We’ll follow your lead here, completing your refurbishment in a manner that is either classic or fully customized. We may advise on utilizing a higher quality leather or fabric so that it keeps your vintage beauty looking its best for as long as possible.

#3 Overall Upgrade

Many drivers are surprised to find that the leather seats that came with their car don’t last. They were soft, comfortable, and beautiful when they were new, but not all leather is created equally. Or maybe you want to upgrade to leather from the standard fabric that came with your vehicle. While the overall size must remain the same, we can even upgrade your seats with more comfortable foam and contoured padding.

#4 Stylize & Personalize

Whether it’s a sports car, classic vehicle, concept car, or your everyday vehicle—we can stylize it in countless ways. Think beyond the seats as leather can accent your doors, console, roof, and more.

We can:

  • Tuft the leather
  • Create decorative seams
  • Add leather panels
  • Use multi-color leather
  • Add custom embroidery
  • Create stripes
  • Mix the textures of your fabric
  • And more!


Where To Buy Your Automotive Upholstery Fabric?

No need to worry about purchasing your fabric first, as we’ll take care of that for you! We have an impressive catalog of commercial vinyl, leather, and other durable materials. All you must do is decide what you want. If needed, we can also order the OEM fabric required to repair your seats, ensuring the fabric matches.

See What We Mean For Yourself!

Our detail and craftsmanship are really something you must see for yourself to appreciate. We invite you to browse our automotive upholstery gallery now. Once we are more familiar with your needs, we can provide additional photos of our completed projects for inspiration. You can of course provide us with photos of what you want us to replicate. Reach out to Perfect Stitch in Longview, WA today!

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